Postage paid labels – some advice to guide you through the maze.

Postage Paid Labels

Postage paid labels, also known as PPI labels or Prepaid Postage Impressions are generally self-adhesive labels. We can provide these as an easy-to-store roll. They replace the ‘franking machine’ which used to be found in offices and despatch rooms. Labels are very much easier to use than a traditional franking machine, and cheaper than a franking machine. Naturally, they can’t break down!

Why would I use them?

It’s quick, easy and saves you lots of time. You can also personalise your postage to give it a professional look and there is a full range of Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide services available.

Other benefits of prepaid postage

There are lots of ways you can give your post a personal feel and give it that professional look – and improve the standing of your business mail in the eyes of your customers. You can add your company logo or slogan or add an icon. You could add an advertising message. Or a message for a special occasion. You can also specially mark an item if it’s urgent or fragile. You can add a call to action to donate to your favourite charity. At Christmas time you can even add a seasonal, festive message.

Parcelforce Worldwide

Online Postage offers a range of both Royal Mail and Parcelforce Worldwide services. We provide solutions from 0 to 30kg, which include Parcelforce Worldwide domestic services for packets weighing more than 20kg. For an informal look at Parcelforce you can have a look at the Wikipedia article.

Whatever your business or application we think that you’ll find postage paid labels on a roll will improve your business and speed up the flow of work.

Postage paid labels for Royal mail First Class post

Postage paid labels for Royal mail First Class post