PPI labels – How do I get started printing prepaid labels ?

The not so easy route to PPI labels with Royal Mail

Printed PPI Labels - Royal Mail First Class deliveryThe Royal Mail web site makes the whole process appear simple. It has a selection of designs that you are free to preview. You can then choose from a range of labels. The available labels are as follows:

1st Class

2nd Class Royal Mail 24™ Signed For

Economy Royal Mail 48™

Royal Mail 24™ Royal Mail 48™ Signed For

You can choose your label and then choose the image format. Choose JPEG output (for good high qualityimages produced from a photographic image). Choose TIFF output (better for a bitmap graphics file format). Confused yet?

I certainly hope not (not at this early stage anyway) because you’ll then have another couple of choices. You can find a print supplier to print your chosen design. This is probably an easy option but be prepared for an unpleasant surprise when you get the bill. You can start to select your own print equipment and go on to print your own labels. You have to decide whether you want to print your own envelopes or self-adhesive labels, or a selection of both. If you take the ‘easy’ route you’ll then have to download the raw designs you’ve chosen. The next step is to take or send them to a professional designer, or a printer.

Just as it doesn’t make economic sense for a business to print their own letterheads, it does make sense to pay a SPECIALIST printer, like ‘Printed PPI Labels‘, to print your prepaid postage labels. Set up to print nothing but prepaid postage or address labels, they can produce them at a far lower cost than you could actually buy the blank labels due to their greater throughput.

Going down this route, you have to note that each design has a specification. Space from the edge, letter sizes etc. are all important. This has to be followed by people producing their own artwork. It’s really important that you understand what’s necessary and what you can and can’t do with PPI labels. While you can produce your own labels this way, and many companies and individuals do, you must remember that you main task is running your business. Concentrate on producing whatever you’re using the labels to send out. Do not get distracted from your primary task.

You may find it useful to check out the Royal Mail guidance on this topic which you can find here.