PPI Postage Prices

Although we also print and sell sticky address labels, we pride ourselves that our trading focus is still PPI postage stickers. We produce labels in all delivery denominations, or service levels. These cover everything from 48 hours non recorded delivery labels, through First Class recorded delivery labels, to Special Delivery rates. Our prices are amongst the lowest in the market starting from just £8.25 for 1,000 small format postage labels. All our labels include a 48 hour turnaround promise and FREE DELIVERY.

PPI Postage Resources

On a lighter note, this is an historical article on the Royal Mail including prepaid postage.

The 'Penny Black' postage  stamp - the original PPI postage label!


The Penny Black postage stamps were first introduced in the United Kingdom on 1 May 1840. They were brought to us as a part of a series of postal reforms designed by Sir Rowland Hill.  From this point on the postage fee would be paid by the sender and not the recipient, as it had been before. It was still possible to send mail without prepaying. The ‘Penny Black’ could be thought of as the very first self-adhesive PPI label introduced over 170 years ago!