Royal Mail PPI Licence – A simple ‘how to’ on applying.

How to get your Royal Mail PPI Licence

Your first step in starting to use Royal Mail PPIs is that you  must have, or obtain, a Royal Mail PPI Licence number and an active Account. We recommend that you call Royal Mail on 08457 950950 and speak to the helpful staff there. there are a few things that you should be aware of :

  • Your design must be compliant with the Royal Mail PPI Design Notes and anything else that may have been added pertaining to the design.
  • You cannot begin to print your PPIs until your application has been approved and you have been assigned a Royal Mail PPI licence number.
  • You have to include your PPI licence number in the design of the self-adhesive label.
  • You must have an active and fully paid up Royal Mail account in good credit.
  • You must have an online business bank account or a current account and cheque book.
  • You must tell Royal Mail immediately if any of your contact details change.

Check here for the full legal conditions of the Royal Mail PPI Licence.

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This a downloadable file, containing the full legal conditions of the Royal Mail PPI Licence, which you can download, print off and keep on your desk.


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